A wee comparison

Halò Single Malt Mates,

Today, Mo Mhac and I shared two brill Eighteens. One was Macallan 18 sherry and the other was the Glendronach 18 Allardice

Here is the Macallan. It is no longer available in Scotland only in the US because of the Macallan sales strategy

Macallan 18 Yr Sherry Oak

Scotland Highland Scotch Single Malt

$ 239.99

It is rich brown in colour and has an outstanding fruity palate and an amazing sherry finish..

Here is the GlenDronach
18 Year Old Allardice 46% 70cl

Producer Brown Forman
Age 18 Year Old
Bottle Size 70cl
Alc. Volume 46%
Bottler Official
Region Highland

Glendronach is one of those distilleries that has an absolute treasure trove of heavily sherried whisky in its warehouse. The 18 year old is named after Allardice, not after a famous West Ham manager, but after the founder of the distillery, James Allardice. A man who originally chose quite a “different” route to market in the 1820’s in Edinburgh (he gave his whisky to the ladies of the night to spread the word).

Official Tasting Notes
Nose: Fudge notes, muscovado sugar, fruit compote, morello cherries and rich icing sugar.
Palate: Christmas cake fruitiness, dark chocolate richness, spicy notes, Oloroso notes, walnut bread and chocolate orange. Stunning.

The 18’s had great palate and finish. It was a hard choice but we still like the GlenDronach better.

Mark Twain. Thoughts on whiskey: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

Inspiring bold John Barleycorn!
What dangers thou canst make us scorn!
Wi’tippeny, we Fear nae evil;
Wi’usquabae, we’ll face the devil!

Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi ‘s nach fhaic
(Great health to you every day I see you
and every day I don’t)

Your Scotch Spirit Master

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