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Halò Single Malt Mates,

Well, a great new blended malt Scotch has become available. Blended malt before 2009 was called vatted malt because two or more single malts were blended in a vat and then bottled.Now we have all the new variations of names like Blended Scotch which is a mixture of neutral grain spirit and one or more single malts.

Anyway here is the new expression.

Old Perth

21 Year Old 55.4% 70cl

Producer Morrison and Mackay
Age 21 Year Old
Bottle Size 70cl
Alc. Volume 55%
Bottler Independent

An insanely good value and tasty drop of cask strength Scotch whisky. With lots of sherry cask character and a clear indication of some smoky whisky being in the mix, this is packed with amazing flavour. Tastes like a lightly smoky chocolate orange.

The vendor gives no indication as to how many bottles have been produced but at 75 pounds sterling a mixture of single malts is a steal of a deal being aged 21 years and all. There is clearly some peated whisky in this bottling but hard to tell if it is an Islay

May you aye ha’e a copper to spare,
And a pinch o’ guide sneeshin’ to share!
And what is the best thing o’ a’ –
A freend at yet beck an’ yer ca’.

A h-uile la sona dhuibh‘s gun la idir dona dhuibh!
May all your days be happy ones.

Slainte Mhath

Your Scotch Spirit Master

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