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A wee Glenfiddich and food pairing

I am really getting into the Glenfiddich 15. Tis a better dram than the 12 in my humble opinion. Here is a pairing of Glenfiddich 15 and some very interesting food.

1. a complex dessert like a creme brulee or orange chocolate cake.

2. If you don’t have a sweet tooth (I feel very sorry for you!) you might prefer our 15 Year Old Distillery Edition, which I wrote about recently. It’s bottled at a higher ABV, giving it a spicy character that complements everything from a juicy steak to a hot, spicy Oriental Dish. If the higher ABV isn’t for you, our 14 Year Old Rich Oak is also an excellent choice.

I plan on checking out both with the Glenfiddich 15 Can’t wait to see what is the best pairing.

To the rapturous, wild, and ineffable pleasure
Of drinking at somebody else’s expense.
—Henry Sambrooke Leigh

Slàinte mhath, a-h-uile latha, na chi ‘snach fhaic!
(Good health, every day, whether I see you or not!)

Your Scotch Spirit Master